North England

Bishopthorpe Windfarm, Tetney

Archaeological ‘strip, map and sample’ excavation and an associated Watching Brief were carried out at the request of Wind Prospect Ltd. during construction works on a site near Tetney, Lincolnshire. No finds, features or deposits of archaeological significance were uncovered.

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Sandbach Solar Farm, Cheshire

An Archaeological Assessment was commissioned for a proposed solar development at Arclid North Quarry, Sandbach an area of potential prehistoric archaeological significance. The walkover survey showed that the proposed site has been previously quarried so there would be no physical impact on any archaeological remains.  

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Moss Farm, Crewe, Cheshire

A geophysical survey was carried out at the site of a proposed solar farm at Moss Farm, Warmingham, Cheshire, as part of a larger assessment. Desk-based archaeological research documented the presence of prehistoric activity near the site. However, no potential features of archaeological significant were identified.

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Talbot Square, Blackpool

An archaeological field evaluation of land at Talbot Square, Blackpool, was undertaken as part of the submission of a planning application for redevelopment. An evaluation trench was excavated that located the pub and terraced houses shown on 19th century historic maps.

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