Irene Garcia Rovira

BA (Hons) MA PhD, Project Manager
0161 870 0146

Irene joined the Archaeology Wales team 2015 as a site supervisor. In this role she increased her knowledge of the commercial sector through active participation on projects of varied size and complexity. She is now a Project Manager, covering work predominantly in North Wales and Northwest England.

Irene obtained her PhD at the University of Manchester in 2012. Her doctoral research focused on the process of social change evidenced in the Orkney Islands in the late 4th millennium BC. In 2013 she gained a lecturing post at Manchester, and she was subsequently employed as a Research Associate for the Cuween-Wideford Landscape Project.

Irene’s research interests include the archaeology of prehistoric Britain with an emphasis on the British Neolithic. During her career, she has developed a particular interest in the challenges that exist in bridging the gap between academic and commercial archaeology. She has a strong interest in training and she actively participates in a number of research projects.


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